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Electric grills are not considered essential in the kitchen. But its popularity is growing rapidly: with the help of the device, a lot of dishes are prepared that are as good as barbecue dishes. The electric grill is multifunctional and cooking products (meat, fish, vegetables) do not require the addition of oil.

Benefits: proper nutrition, versatility, and convenience. Modern models of contact and non-contact electric grills differ in those features that are often not available for other kitchen appliances:

  • Save time and give the possibility to cook large amounts of food. Capacious models with several food compartments allow you to cook 2-3 dishes at the same time in a short period.
  • Cooking dietary meals as part of a proper diet. Roasting, stewing, baking foods without adding oil and any other fats is possible that is especially important for adherents of HLS or those people who are forced to adhere to a strict dietary regimen for health reasons.
  • No odors when cooking in closed models. Unlike a traditional grill, the electric grill does not emit odors during cooking. It is convenient in the home kitchen, especially for a small studio apartment.
  • Silent cooking. Most models are characterized by reduced noise production.
  • Universality. On the electric grill, you can cook dishes from different products: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, eggs, bread, cereals.
  • Wide functionality. In addition to its primary purpose, the device is used for stewing, frying, defrosting and heating.

Shortcomings: difficult maintenance, energy consumption, limited functions. Despite a number of advantages, the operation of the electric grill also provides obvious inconveniences: 

  • High power consumption. The device is quite energy-intensive, so do not be surprised that frequent and prolonged operation adversely affects electricity bills. Moreover, the device is sensitive to any voltage drops. Even in the case of the slightest jumps in the network, the electric grill can fail. 
  • A small number of cooking methods. The electric grill does not replace the basic functions of kitchen appliances. In contrast, for example, from an air grill, it is impossible to fully cook the first dishes, as well as to steam.

Why Do One Needs an Electric Grill? 

To answer the question, you need to understand for what purpose the device is purchased. Without a doubt, a functional electric grill impresses with its culinary results: awesome meat steaks, juicy fish, and vegetables baked with a crispy crust will decorate the festive table. And at the same time, the device belongs to a series of additional kitchen appliances. It is less practical than the same crock-pot and microwave and in a small kitchen it will take up extra space. The electric grill is also not suitable for frequent use when there is a need to save on electricity consumption.


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