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These steps to a happier life give maximum results with minimal effort. Each takes less than two minutes but can seriously change your well-being for the better. Sometimes little things that we don’t even think of can do more than making radical decisions. 

If the suggested ideas do not work, you are free to come up with something else. There is only one condition: a new action, if it involves repetition, should take no more than two minutes of your time. Otherwise, the unconscious will regard the change as global, which means it will resist.

1. Sleep with the open window 

Even in the center of a metropolis, the air on the street is usually much cleaner than indoors. Especially at night when traffic is less intense. Leaving the windows closed means breathing stagnant polluted air all night. A clear head, fresh complexion, more energy – you will notice these changes the next day. Remember to use earplugs and a sleep mask so that your sleep is deep and truly restorative.

2. Change household chemicals

Organic acids based on natural acids will improve the atmosphere in the house. Instead of synthetic fragrances, you will smell the aromas of essential oils. And the number of chemicals that the body encounters will greatly decrease. The beginning of the change is with bath and dishwashing detergents, as well as detergent for bedding. After all, our body comes in contact with sheets and blankets for many hours daily.

3. Start the day with water

After getting out of bed, first, go to the kitchen to put a kettle and only then – to the bathroom. After brushing your teeth, drink a large glass of warm water. This awakens the digestive system stimulating the bowel cleansing. If you did not do this before, then the effect will not be seen right away but after a few days.

4. Hang the horizontal bar

And hang on it whenever you need to relieve tension. Stretch your arms, straighten your shoulders and concentrate on how the muscles are stretched – this will help relax the mind. Perform the exercise from 30 seconds to two minutes. Gradually, you will begin to notice that heat rises to the muscles. This is normal: this way the body gets rid of muscle blocks and toxins.

5. Fruits in a dish instead of sweets

When coming home with purchases, immediately wash vegetables and fruits. Let them, and not sweets or pastries, take their place in the dish, which is always on the table. Having a clean radish or carrot on hand makes it easier to make a healthier choice, thinking of what to eat. 


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